Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NPC June Show: Bikini Comp #2!

My second bikini competition was a breeze!
It seemed to be a lot less stressful than the last one. 
Given I only had half the time to prep, but I think knowing what to expect helped so much.
I wasn't as lean this time, which is what I thought the judges wanted. 
I went in hoping to get in the top three and bring home trophies from both my classes...
I didn't place top three in one class, but I at least placed in both and indeed brought home my two trophies!!
Not that the trophies even mean anything anyway...
All the cute lil friends I made, being on stage and having all these fun pictures made it all worth it.

Now its time to take a break from competing and just making this a lifestyle!
Although I am looking forward to competing again soon.
Looking forward going to Nationals in Vegas to watch and support Phil and my other Team Heugly members and competitors!!