Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Studio & Thursday Baking Day!

We just moved our studio next door into a much bigger space!
Redecorated and everything!
I am obsessed.
In celebration of our move, I decide to bake some Cherry Lash Lounge inspired cupcakes!
Cherry cupcakes with Amaretto frosting and topped with a maraschino cherry and wrapped in my cute lil black and white cupcake liners I got for my birthday!
Since I have been off my diet, Thursdays have turned into my baking day.
The week before I made pink lemonade mini cupcakes:)

 And this is why I love baking; knowing I can share them with people I love!

In the works for this week I am thinking a smores cupcake and incorporating my protein powder to justify it a little bit. ;)
I just have consumed way too much frosting while I am baking... lol
Got to clean it up!

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