Friday, March 23, 2012

Final Day

I can't believe this thing is tomorrow!!
18 weeks is finally come and gone...
Yesterday was my last day of cardio and lifting.
I had to do cardio before my first meal(which was full of carbs ;))
Since I have started training for this competition,
every time I do cardio, when I look down I always catch a:
I thought it would be perfect to catch a pic of it from my very last cardio sesh on this prep!

Got my nails and eyelashes done,
 got my first spray tan last night and two more sprays today and height check is later this afternoon and got all my food prepared for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stockin up!

My anxiety got the best of me and I finally bought some girl scout cookies for after the show!
I hid them in my closet...
but I am still FULLY aware that they are there ;)
Final lifting workouts this week and final cardio sesh tomorrow!
Getting my mani/pedi done and gotta be hair free by tonight!
Its getting soooo close!!
Let myself sleep in a little today and feeling a little better :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Chicken and veggies for breakfast:
And of course with a cup of coffee!
Not too shabby!

Group posing was a success yesterday!
My practicing is paying off.
I got a new diet and the game plan for this week.
Quite overwhelming I must say...
So much to do!!

But it is almost over...

St. Pattys Day Treat!

Since I couldn't have corned beef and cabbage
(which never sounded good to me till I was on this diet)
 or green beer,
I was festive with what I could have!
I boiled up some cabbage and then made chicken wraps with a sesame ginger dressing!
So tasty!!
Watching the food network is making feel quite culinary creative! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 week out!

By this time next Saturday,
I will be getting ready to go on stage! 
I can't believe how fast time has flown....
but then again, it feels like it has taken forever to get here!
Not sure if its all the caffeine I'm taking, or just my nerves,
but I have been super high strung and anxious lately.
I feel like there is always something to do and my mind is going a million miles an hour. 
With all the extra cardio I am trying to squeeze in I just want to be as productive as possible with my day, which usually means I'm running around like a mad lady...
And its frustrating because my body is so exhausted I can hardly move very fast.
My body just can't keep up with my mind right now. 
I went and got a massage this week to help me relax a little bit. 
It ended up being more of a stretchy massage rather than a relaxing massage,
but I think my little muscles needed it cause this last week I have been noticing that my left leg feels like it has restless leg syndrome and its driving me nuts!
Someone posted this on Facebook the other day and I loved it especially with how I have been feeling lately:

Only 7 more days of this craziness and its going to fly by.
More group posing in the am!
Trying to get in as much extra cardio as my body will let me.
Maybe thinking like this will help:

Now off to work!
Already got in 55 min of cardio today :)
Only 3.5 days left of work...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My poor lil feet..

Been trying to practice my posing everyday...
Can't do it for too long before I look down and my feet are bleeding.
Yummy right?
9 more days to break these bad boys in!
Hopefully my feet can handle it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 days to go!

Last night was my final cheat meal!
I almost skipped it, but I am sure glad I didn't. 
With feeling EXTRA exhausted lately, 
I figured I needed some good carbs to help get me through the next 10 days.
So I enjoyed this heaping pile of deliciousness:
Went to bed with a very happy belly and slept like a champ!

I almost went for a less healthy choice:
How amazing is that??
Doritos and tacos??
Two of my favorite things! 
Cant wait to get my hands on that!
Its only 10 days right??

Now off to the gym!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two weeks out!

My tank is running empty. 
It takes SO much energy and effort to do EVERYTHING!!
I am really feeling for the elderly right now.. lol
Its hard to focus and my brain isn't producing complete thoughts. 
I'm just so scatterbrained, not to mention a n emotional wreck
I am getting heart palpitations from all the caffeine I drink,
and there are blisters on my feet from my damn posing shoes. 
It has been impossible to sleep through the night.
Its so frustrating because I want to be pushing even harder, but I have nothing left to give...

So I have been eating TONS of veggies lately to help me feel full and I never thought I would say this... but I kinda feel guilty! lol
It could be worse I guess...
Of course two weeks out they start selling these!
And when I make my daily trip to the grocery store,
there they are with their colorful boxes and lil sashes...

Friday, March 2, 2012

National Pancake Day

As you may or may not have known, 
Tuesday was National Pancake Day at IHOP.
In honor of this glorious day,
we came up with our own version of pancakes.... diet style.
Protein pancakes with our calorie free syrup!
We have several different flavors of protein that we came up with all different kinds of combinations.
My favorite one so far:
Cake batter protein with marshmallow spread in between and strawberry syrup on top.
Tastes like a freakin strawberry short cake!
 They are also yummy as cookies!
Only 22 more days and I can eat all the regular pancakes I can get!