Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Delightful Daddy-Daughter-Date

Yesterday my darling papa and I decided to go out to dinner. 
Dinner was all we had planned and I expected it to be a quick thing...
When he came home to pick me up, he brought me flowers. :)
As we were driving to dinner we noticed there was a car show going on right across the street,
so after dinner we walked on over to check it out!
I had never been to one before and it was quite a charming experience. 
They had music playing, lots of people just hanging out and lots of cool looking cars!
Of course we had to finish the night off with some frozen yogurt and a nice cool summer night ride home with the top down. :)
I have the best dad ever. And knows just how to make me feel like a princess :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Studio & Thursday Baking Day!

We just moved our studio next door into a much bigger space!
Redecorated and everything!
I am obsessed.
In celebration of our move, I decide to bake some Cherry Lash Lounge inspired cupcakes!
Cherry cupcakes with Amaretto frosting and topped with a maraschino cherry and wrapped in my cute lil black and white cupcake liners I got for my birthday!
Since I have been off my diet, Thursdays have turned into my baking day.
The week before I made pink lemonade mini cupcakes:)

 And this is why I love baking; knowing I can share them with people I love!

In the works for this week I am thinking a smores cupcake and incorporating my protein powder to justify it a little bit. ;)
I just have consumed way too much frosting while I am baking... lol
Got to clean it up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NPC June Show: Bikini Comp #2!

My second bikini competition was a breeze!
It seemed to be a lot less stressful than the last one. 
Given I only had half the time to prep, but I think knowing what to expect helped so much.
I wasn't as lean this time, which is what I thought the judges wanted. 
I went in hoping to get in the top three and bring home trophies from both my classes...
I didn't place top three in one class, but I at least placed in both and indeed brought home my two trophies!!
Not that the trophies even mean anything anyway...
All the cute lil friends I made, being on stage and having all these fun pictures made it all worth it.

Now its time to take a break from competing and just making this a lifestyle!
Although I am looking forward to competing again soon.
Looking forward going to Nationals in Vegas to watch and support Phil and my other Team Heugly members and competitors!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

2.5 weeks out

So much has been going on and I have had no mental energy to blog...
My show is in less than 3 weeks.
This prep has seemed to just fly by.
I feel like things have been a lot easier this time around...
for the most part.
Things have been pretty stressful with things at work, trying to move and making sure I get all my gym time in.
But I decided that I am WAY to stubborn to ever give up.
For a minute there though, they didn't have a venue and I was afraid that it would end up being cancelled. :S
But it is now going to be held at Granger High School!
I am pretty excited because I decided to compete in two classes again this time. 
Open and open natural.
Extra stage time and extra chance to win!
I am not as lean as I was last time around which is really kinda freaking me out... 
gotta love all the head games! 
Two and half weeks to bust it out!

Sunday was my 25th birthday!
Man I am getting old! 
I definitely feel way too immature to be 25... lol
Being on contest prep kinda sucked for a birthday...
but I did get to eat a cupcake or two!
Not to mention I ate chicken tacos with my family and my darling boyfriend made me protein pancakes for breakfast. :) 
It was nice to just have the day off from work and spend time with family.
I have been feeling a little hormonal and moody from my diet so I wasn't feeling up to doing anything crazy.
Phil got me the cutest baking starter kit for when I am off the diet and can start baking again.
We watch tons of food network and I have been dying to get back into baking!
I have even been considering getting a part time job at a bakery :)
How fun would that be??
I found a website last night that I am OBSESSED with!
They have so many yummy ideas!
I am excited to bake for Phil because you know what they say that a way to a mans heart is through is stomach... and he hasn't gotten to experience my baking skills yet! ;)

The Sunday before my birthday was not only mothers day, but mine and Phil's 6 month anniversary.
I woke up to this darling set up:)
Breakfast all ready, roses and the cutest card ever. :)
We also celebrated that night with some Mac & Cheese for cheat meal!

One last note:
My darling ex-sister-in-law is getting married tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited for her...
With how everything ended with my divorce, I am not sure if I will have the honor of being able to go to her reception..
but either way I wish her the best!
She will always be a sister to me and I miss her dearly.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 2, Round 2

This last week back on the diet wasn't too bad.
It has been a lot easier to stay focused and not feel tempted by food.
We went to La Frontera for a work meeting last week and watching everyone eating ooey gooey burritos didn't even bother me.
The last few days though I have just had no energy or motivation for my workouts. 
But at least I am still doing them... right??
This time around I am really just trying to not stress myself out as much and just go with the flow and have fun with this!
Working on shrinking the belly back down. 
Two weeks of binging really stretched it out.
Last night was cheat meal!
We had homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and root beer floats....
Nothing beats melty cheese and toasty bread. 
And of course nothing beats ice cream with the most delicious soda in the world!

I have already had a few weak moments when I think, "why the hell am I doing this again? I just want to eat!"
But honestly this is all so worth it.
I look back at my pictures and just can't help but notice how much fun I was having on stage!

I had a perma-smile all day of the competition. :)
It is so amazing to see how many people I have impacted and tell me that I am their inspiration.
That alone is motivating and gives me that boost I need to push through on days I'm slacking.
Its incredible to realize how powerful you can be when you are passionate about something.
This is definitely a life style I look forward to living the rest of my life!
I was told once that this is a selfish sport, and to a point it is, but I am committed to find a way to keep a balance.
There are people who do it everyday that have WAY more going on than I do so I know it is possible.
It might take practice, but where there is a will there is a way!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Here we go again!

After a two week bingeing hiatus, I am so stoked to start my diet back up again!
I am up fifteen pounds from the day of the show as of this morning... :S
With the way I have been eating, that should in no way be a surprise.
My trainer says thats normal to gain that after a show, but I am hoping that it sheds off pretty quick.
Yesterday was a pretty good last day to binge.
Not only was it Easter, but it was Phil's birthday!
We went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast and ate our faces off with gourmet pancakes.
I have never been a huge fan of pancakes, but now I have a much deeper appreciation for them! lol
Coconut pancakes, Macadamia nut and white chocolate chip pancakes, sausage wrapped in pancakes, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes.....
We attempted to go work it off at the gym and then went and just chilled the rest of the day and of course continued to eat!
He had a coconut birthday cake that was amazing!
And then we both fell asleep in a major food coma...
Now all that yummy food is all just a memory that I get to daydream about these next 9 weeks!
 It will be interesting to see what I start craving this time around..
Last contest I craved a lot of peanut butter, white chocolate, and coconut.
2 meals deep into the diet now and starting to feel a little hungry, but just happy to not be so full!

Friday, April 6, 2012

NPC Competition

This competition was such an incredible experience!!
I can't believe its already been over a week since I was on stage!
I was so excited and pumped the morning of the show.
That morning I got down to 99.4 lbs !
Pre-judging was so fun!
I was in the first class to go out on stage.
The shorties!
I wasn't even get nervous till right before we went out.
My trainer had just poured a whole bunch of honey down my throat so I was all hopped up on sugar.
My legs felt so wobbly, but I had so much fun strutin' my stuff!
I got to go out twice since I was in novice and open.

That made it worth all the hard work these last 18 months.
I honestly would have been content not even knowing who won and just walking away after the morning show. 
Being on stage and seeing all these pictures were all worth it to me.
I did win 4th place in Novice!
And my super hot sexy boyfriend won 1st in his class!
We are one hot couple! :)

It was so fun to meet so many new friends!

As soon as I was done, my friend ordered me a bbq chicken pizza from Papa Johns and you better believe we met him right outside at the curb... ;)
I pretty much ate the WHOLE thing. It was INCREDIBLE!
Pretty much haven't stopped eating since then.
I got so spoiled. People brought me SOO many treats!
After the show we went home and ate donuts and burgers. lol
Sunday morning we went to brunch at Squatters and ordered three different entrees to share. lol
Its just been one huge constant meal since! lol
This week is time to start cleaning it up again!
I never thought that I would want to do another one, but after being on stage I'm ready for more!
Shooting for the next show on June 9th!
It was a last minute decision, but I figured since I'm pretty much there anyway why not just jump right back in?
I may regret it in a few weeks though.. lol jk
 I have learned so much through this process.
This is definitely a lifestyle I want to keep up.
I never knew I had so much potential and never knew I could be so dedicated!
My before and after pictures were incredible to see!
If you are curious about my diet and exercise routine you can go to my trainers website:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Final Day

I can't believe this thing is tomorrow!!
18 weeks is finally come and gone...
Yesterday was my last day of cardio and lifting.
I had to do cardio before my first meal(which was full of carbs ;))
Since I have started training for this competition,
every time I do cardio, when I look down I always catch a:
I thought it would be perfect to catch a pic of it from my very last cardio sesh on this prep!

Got my nails and eyelashes done,
 got my first spray tan last night and two more sprays today and height check is later this afternoon and got all my food prepared for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stockin up!

My anxiety got the best of me and I finally bought some girl scout cookies for after the show!
I hid them in my closet...
but I am still FULLY aware that they are there ;)
Final lifting workouts this week and final cardio sesh tomorrow!
Getting my mani/pedi done and gotta be hair free by tonight!
Its getting soooo close!!
Let myself sleep in a little today and feeling a little better :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Chicken and veggies for breakfast:
And of course with a cup of coffee!
Not too shabby!

Group posing was a success yesterday!
My practicing is paying off.
I got a new diet and the game plan for this week.
Quite overwhelming I must say...
So much to do!!

But it is almost over...

St. Pattys Day Treat!

Since I couldn't have corned beef and cabbage
(which never sounded good to me till I was on this diet)
 or green beer,
I was festive with what I could have!
I boiled up some cabbage and then made chicken wraps with a sesame ginger dressing!
So tasty!!
Watching the food network is making feel quite culinary creative! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 week out!

By this time next Saturday,
I will be getting ready to go on stage! 
I can't believe how fast time has flown....
but then again, it feels like it has taken forever to get here!
Not sure if its all the caffeine I'm taking, or just my nerves,
but I have been super high strung and anxious lately.
I feel like there is always something to do and my mind is going a million miles an hour. 
With all the extra cardio I am trying to squeeze in I just want to be as productive as possible with my day, which usually means I'm running around like a mad lady...
And its frustrating because my body is so exhausted I can hardly move very fast.
My body just can't keep up with my mind right now. 
I went and got a massage this week to help me relax a little bit. 
It ended up being more of a stretchy massage rather than a relaxing massage,
but I think my little muscles needed it cause this last week I have been noticing that my left leg feels like it has restless leg syndrome and its driving me nuts!
Someone posted this on Facebook the other day and I loved it especially with how I have been feeling lately:

Only 7 more days of this craziness and its going to fly by.
More group posing in the am!
Trying to get in as much extra cardio as my body will let me.
Maybe thinking like this will help:

Now off to work!
Already got in 55 min of cardio today :)
Only 3.5 days left of work...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My poor lil feet..

Been trying to practice my posing everyday...
Can't do it for too long before I look down and my feet are bleeding.
Yummy right?
9 more days to break these bad boys in!
Hopefully my feet can handle it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 days to go!

Last night was my final cheat meal!
I almost skipped it, but I am sure glad I didn't. 
With feeling EXTRA exhausted lately, 
I figured I needed some good carbs to help get me through the next 10 days.
So I enjoyed this heaping pile of deliciousness:
Went to bed with a very happy belly and slept like a champ!

I almost went for a less healthy choice:
How amazing is that??
Doritos and tacos??
Two of my favorite things! 
Cant wait to get my hands on that!
Its only 10 days right??

Now off to the gym!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two weeks out!

My tank is running empty. 
It takes SO much energy and effort to do EVERYTHING!!
I am really feeling for the elderly right now.. lol
Its hard to focus and my brain isn't producing complete thoughts. 
I'm just so scatterbrained, not to mention a n emotional wreck
I am getting heart palpitations from all the caffeine I drink,
and there are blisters on my feet from my damn posing shoes. 
It has been impossible to sleep through the night.
Its so frustrating because I want to be pushing even harder, but I have nothing left to give...

So I have been eating TONS of veggies lately to help me feel full and I never thought I would say this... but I kinda feel guilty! lol
It could be worse I guess...
Of course two weeks out they start selling these!
And when I make my daily trip to the grocery store,
there they are with their colorful boxes and lil sashes...

Friday, March 2, 2012

National Pancake Day

As you may or may not have known, 
Tuesday was National Pancake Day at IHOP.
In honor of this glorious day,
we came up with our own version of pancakes.... diet style.
Protein pancakes with our calorie free syrup!
We have several different flavors of protein that we came up with all different kinds of combinations.
My favorite one so far:
Cake batter protein with marshmallow spread in between and strawberry syrup on top.
Tastes like a freakin strawberry short cake!
 They are also yummy as cookies!
Only 22 more days and I can eat all the regular pancakes I can get!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

25 days to go!

Kind of like counting down to Christmas...
Emotions are high, patience is short, body is tired, and belly is hungry.
But we are almost there!
After having one of my many mental breakdowns the other day,
I showed up to work to find this sweet lil surprise:
My sweet lil mother always knows how to help me feel better. :)

You know what else help me feel better??
We went went with Subway sandwiches this week!
I even got Baked Lays too;)
Probably only 2 more cheat meals left!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Beefy Crunch Burrito...

You were just as delicious as you looked.
After weeks of craving you, I finally got to enjoy!
I am glad we could share cheat meal together. 


Last nights dream:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet dreams...

Surprise, Surprise! I had another food dream last night! 
And it was about this glorious treat:
But somehow it was sugar free! I had one of these for one of my very first cheat meals and it was worth every little sugary bite.
I have such a bad sweet tooth. Thats been one of the harder things to deal with on this diet. Before the diet  I would always have some kind of candy or treat in my purse. Now I just have a huge bag of sugar free gum with 6 or 7 different flavors. 
Sometimes the gum doesn't quite cut it and I have to find other ways to curb my sweet tooth. One of my new favorite things is my morning coffee. Since I have to drink it black, we have been trying new flavors of beans and adding sugar free syrup to it. This weeks flavor is cinnamon bun with vanilla syrup. So tasty!

And the chain falls!
At the very beginning of our contest diet, Phil and I, and our inner child, decided it would be fun to make a count down chain till the show. You know the chains you would make out of construction paper to count down till Christmas?? Yup, exactly like that. It is the coolest count down chain EVER! We put a lot of thought into it. We even made special chains for each holiday. Christmas, New years, Valentines, even Martin Luther King day! lol We strung it up around Phil's room:
Each time we get to the top of a loop and the chain falls, we get so excited. And it fell today! :)
We are already down to the green! We aren't the best at remembering to take one off every day and since its so high up we usually have to get a stool to take them off. But it has been so fun to watch it shrink!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

13 weeks down, 5 weeks to go!

I can't believe how fast this contest prep is going by! There have been days that it has dragged, but we are at the tail end! It has been very physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging. I kinda have it good though because I have an amazing boyfriend (who has done this before) that helps me through everything, and knows the tricks of the trade and helps me to stay motivated. Not to mention I have an amazing trainer, Shane Heugly (who is an absolute genius!) and his wife Tiffany. Don't know what I would do with out them!
The progress I have made is incredible and I feel amazing! I have been discouraged against posting any progress pics yet, so I will be posting some right after the show. I am down about 20 lbs and getting so lean! I already look better than I ever have before, besides maybe in high school and I have a six pack!
 I got my suit that I will be wearing for the show this week!! Most expensive swimsuit
 I have ever purchased... but its so pretty! They even gave me a free upgrade on my bling!
Not to mention I get to wear it with these bad boys:
5 inches baby!
The suit was a little intimidating the first time I put it on because well... it doesn't cover very much!
But after wearing it around a little bit more and the more toned I get, the more comfortable I will feel! But I may still tell my mom not to come to the show... lol.

My diet and exercise regimen is really strict. I can't give details but I eat ALOT of protein and veggies, and I eat the same thing EVERYDAY. It was especially hard since I started the week of Thanksgiving. The holidays were killer!
 After a few weeks of eating the same thing every day, you can start going a little crazy, so that's when you gotta get a little creative! Phil and I found this brand of condiments at Harmons that is zero calorie, gluten free, sugar free, and has NO carbs! The brand is Walden Farms. We are obsessed! They make everything! They make all kinds of salad dressings, bbq sauce, pasta sauce, jams, peanut butter spread, and even chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow dips, and they are all pretty tasty! I seriously would probably have died without them. One of my favorite concoctions is my bbq ranch chicken salad:
So huggin delicious!!
Once a week I get to have a cheat meal, which is an extra few hundred calories of whatever I want! This is the most exciting day of the week. Of course we try to squeeze in as much as we can into that calorie allotment to make the most out of it. One week we found a pint of ice cream that is only 150 calories for the whole pint (we found that at Harmons too) and ate it with a pile of cookies! The ice cream wasn't the greatest but it was nice to be able to eat a whole pint:)
My favorite cheat meal so far was the week we made homemade McGriddles. The most delicious thing ever!! We used whole wheat Eggo waffles, egg whites, our Walden Farms zero calories syrup, turkey sausage and a single piece of kraft cheese. And it was only like 350 calories for the whole thing! We also had lil mini blueberry muffins and Sunrise Orange Crystal Light to go along with it :)
McDonalds can suck it!
One top of the entire Walden Farms line a few other things that have got me through are butter spray:
and sugar free gum for my sweet tooth:
not to mention lots and lots of diet soda!
We have already been planning what we are going to eat after the show. I seriously feel like such a fat kid on this diet. I literally have dreams about food almost every night. Last nights food dream was of french toast... lol. When I think about being able to eat regular food again I feel like I just want to gorge and eat everything in sight! But now its been so long since I have been able to eat regular food, I am terrified of gaining all the weight back that I lost and all my hard work going to waste. Its such a bittersweet feeling. I have definitely learned so much on this contest prep that will change the way I will live my life even after the show. I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks will bring me!