Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 2, Round 2

This last week back on the diet wasn't too bad.
It has been a lot easier to stay focused and not feel tempted by food.
We went to La Frontera for a work meeting last week and watching everyone eating ooey gooey burritos didn't even bother me.
The last few days though I have just had no energy or motivation for my workouts. 
But at least I am still doing them... right??
This time around I am really just trying to not stress myself out as much and just go with the flow and have fun with this!
Working on shrinking the belly back down. 
Two weeks of binging really stretched it out.
Last night was cheat meal!
We had homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and root beer floats....
Nothing beats melty cheese and toasty bread. 
And of course nothing beats ice cream with the most delicious soda in the world!

I have already had a few weak moments when I think, "why the hell am I doing this again? I just want to eat!"
But honestly this is all so worth it.
I look back at my pictures and just can't help but notice how much fun I was having on stage!

I had a perma-smile all day of the competition. :)
It is so amazing to see how many people I have impacted and tell me that I am their inspiration.
That alone is motivating and gives me that boost I need to push through on days I'm slacking.
Its incredible to realize how powerful you can be when you are passionate about something.
This is definitely a life style I look forward to living the rest of my life!
I was told once that this is a selfish sport, and to a point it is, but I am committed to find a way to keep a balance.
There are people who do it everyday that have WAY more going on than I do so I know it is possible.
It might take practice, but where there is a will there is a way!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Here we go again!

After a two week bingeing hiatus, I am so stoked to start my diet back up again!
I am up fifteen pounds from the day of the show as of this morning... :S
With the way I have been eating, that should in no way be a surprise.
My trainer says thats normal to gain that after a show, but I am hoping that it sheds off pretty quick.
Yesterday was a pretty good last day to binge.
Not only was it Easter, but it was Phil's birthday!
We went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast and ate our faces off with gourmet pancakes.
I have never been a huge fan of pancakes, but now I have a much deeper appreciation for them! lol
Coconut pancakes, Macadamia nut and white chocolate chip pancakes, sausage wrapped in pancakes, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes.....
We attempted to go work it off at the gym and then went and just chilled the rest of the day and of course continued to eat!
He had a coconut birthday cake that was amazing!
And then we both fell asleep in a major food coma...
Now all that yummy food is all just a memory that I get to daydream about these next 9 weeks!
 It will be interesting to see what I start craving this time around..
Last contest I craved a lot of peanut butter, white chocolate, and coconut.
2 meals deep into the diet now and starting to feel a little hungry, but just happy to not be so full!

Friday, April 6, 2012

NPC Competition

This competition was such an incredible experience!!
I can't believe its already been over a week since I was on stage!
I was so excited and pumped the morning of the show.
That morning I got down to 99.4 lbs !
Pre-judging was so fun!
I was in the first class to go out on stage.
The shorties!
I wasn't even get nervous till right before we went out.
My trainer had just poured a whole bunch of honey down my throat so I was all hopped up on sugar.
My legs felt so wobbly, but I had so much fun strutin' my stuff!
I got to go out twice since I was in novice and open.

That made it worth all the hard work these last 18 months.
I honestly would have been content not even knowing who won and just walking away after the morning show. 
Being on stage and seeing all these pictures were all worth it to me.
I did win 4th place in Novice!
And my super hot sexy boyfriend won 1st in his class!
We are one hot couple! :)

It was so fun to meet so many new friends!

As soon as I was done, my friend ordered me a bbq chicken pizza from Papa Johns and you better believe we met him right outside at the curb... ;)
I pretty much ate the WHOLE thing. It was INCREDIBLE!
Pretty much haven't stopped eating since then.
I got so spoiled. People brought me SOO many treats!
After the show we went home and ate donuts and burgers. lol
Sunday morning we went to brunch at Squatters and ordered three different entrees to share. lol
Its just been one huge constant meal since! lol
This week is time to start cleaning it up again!
I never thought that I would want to do another one, but after being on stage I'm ready for more!
Shooting for the next show on June 9th!
It was a last minute decision, but I figured since I'm pretty much there anyway why not just jump right back in?
I may regret it in a few weeks though.. lol jk
 I have learned so much through this process.
This is definitely a lifestyle I want to keep up.
I never knew I had so much potential and never knew I could be so dedicated!
My before and after pictures were incredible to see!
If you are curious about my diet and exercise routine you can go to my trainers website: